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So I asked my new word Possibility, ” Hey, what would happen if I tried to take a picture every day?  You know, just to try something new.”  It didn’t answer.  Instead, it gave me a look like my mother used to when I was talking in church.  Let’s call it a look of disapproval.  And if I’m honest, I deserve it.  Because it’s not about trying something I haven’t done before, not really.  Taking pictures has always been a way for me to pay attention to things around me.  To slow me down.  To be filled with color and light and texture.  And always, there is a story.  Either in the image itself or how I got there.

This is a year of POSSIBILITY!  And its time to pay attention.  You never know what you might pass by if you have your eyes closed or you’re going to fast.  So here is the start.  This is me paying attention to life and surrounding myself with it.  Who knows where this will lead but the possibilities could be endless…

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