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I’ve been looking through the images on other photographers sites.  They are creative and artistic and  inspire me to come to the table with more than just a snap shot.  But I am most impressed with the photos they capture of their kids.  There is funny and touching moments with light streaming in…

Let’s just say I’m a little envious.  My son shields his eyes, cowers behind something or makes a silly face as soon as my camera comes out.  I can’t sneak up on him, he knows when I’m coming.  I miss those days where he would pose or go on with building lego or mixing up the Play-doh while I would snap up each frame.  It seems that those days are long gone but I keep trying.  In the meantime, this is what my life has become.  Getting down on my knees with the only one who will still hold a pose for me.  You can do mazing things with a promise of a dog cookie.

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