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Passion & Dedication

Blog Masonry

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your interpretation

New front doors changed more than the front of our house.  Who knew frosted glass could give off just the right amount of light to do some natural light shooting.  I've always struggled with finding my groove with still shots, they seem off somehow.  But


Wabi-Sabi and other things I didn’t know

Week 4 of the BeStill project and I'm paying more attention to light and shadow.  Either the natural light that happens at different times of the day in different areas of my house or the lights I plug in and experiment with.  The desert sun is always


Trust the Process

Find your style, that was the great commission for this week.  I've been practicing photography long enough that I know I have a style, I know what I'm drawn to and what mood I like my images to portray, but this whole "still" photography thing…well,


room to breathe

In my previous post I talked about my word for the year, AWARE.  So when I received an email from a woman who's blog I've been following for a few years, offering an online course to shoot still photography, I knew it was no coinsidence.


Being Mindful

The first minute is gone, I had taken the shot I thought I wanted.  I took a breath, deep, pulling in as much as my lungs could hold.  I walked closer to the chained gates and looked through, beyond the steel.  I exhaled, the sun


The Art of Being Aware

Every January I think of a word I want to take with me throughout the year.  I don't make new year's resolutions, no need to give myself another excuse to worry about failure--as an artist, I am a master at that worry. Instead, I think


Look up

I tuck a curl behind your ear, look up, I say, you might see something that makes you happy, even for a minute


snake eyes

There weren't many reasons to come back, but I did. All I had now was the dirt on my boots, my car and the dice you gave me before telling me to go



A horn honked but I couldn't look away.   I was still deciding if I wanted to be confined or set free


Summer Break

As you can tell, I've neglected this blog for awhile.  I keep telling myself its because I don't have the time but here I am, on a summer morning, packing up one house, renovating another with only 10 days left until moving day.  This is


Cold Afternoon

One of the things I love best about living in the desert is the lack of snow.  No shoveling, no scraping the ice off the windshield every morning, no layering of clothes and then unlayering when you have to go to the bathroom…these where the



It seems I'm not ready for this New Year.  I usually have more of a plan and goals and a word to carry with me that spells out exactly how I feel about the upcoming year.  This year I've got nothing.  Until yesterday I didn't


Get Graphic

I It's all about perspective…the graphics on the stair risers caught me attention first. It made me wish I had stairs in my own home so I could do something funky like this. The sign at the top of the stairs was a happy coincidence.


Art II

I stumbled across this building in Santa Fe. This whole structure, inside and out is used as a canvas. It's a youth art venue called Warehouse 21. They are doing some great work for the youth and the community as a whole.  I spent a


Great Lines

I am still surprised at some pictures.  They seem almost ordinary when I take them but something made me stop and take notice. Later, I can see why I shot the image. This was one of those shots.  I could see what made me take


For the Love of Art

One of the great things about hanging out in alleyways is seeing some of the great street art that isn't visible from the streets. I've seen some great stuff lately. Layered, textured art that is started by one artist and added onto by another. The


The Big Apple

I never know what I'll find when I stumble around the streets of the downtown core.  This was a great find in a looked up warehouse lot.  It seemed like a geriatric ward for signs.  There was so much life left in them but there


Like Riding a Bike

There is something alive about the mornings on my in-laws acreage. Something draws me outside no matter what the temperature is.  It's become tradition to go out in my pajamas with my camera and coffee.  The air is different there.  Crisp and clean with the

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