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Passion & Dedication

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The only people brave enough to visit us in the middle of summer in the 110 degree heat are family from Canada.  The day is spent by the pool.  Breaks were taken only when the food comes out and Margarita’s fill the cup holders on


the blank page

A new look.  A blank page for decent xposure and a great day to start something fresh.


when the light is right

Downtown Phoenix (like most city centers) have something different to offer a photographer each time they go out.  I’ve been to some of the same areas several times but can come home with different pictures, different points of view after each trip.  This was no



Around the year 1915, the electric clothes dryer was invented.  At the same time, a conspiracy was born.  Not by the government, not by humans for that matter . . . no, it was artificial intelligence in it’s infancy.  All the dryers got together; Kenmore,



Some days I’m tired of words.  I can’t find the right ones. Or they fly away just as I’m about to grab them — they tire me out. Some days, I think words get in the way. Maybe there doesn’t have to be words. Just showing up is enough. A



Sometimes it takes a little encouragement to step out of your comfort zone.  And sometimes, when the encouragement comes from your nephew and niece whom you could have sworn just got out of diapers, and are now 24 and almost 18, you just feel old


new friends

Dear Rocky, I just want to say thank you for making it easy to get this picture.  Even though you didn’t know me, you answered my questions about being a tattoo artist. You were happy to tell me about your art, let me take some