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Passion & Dedication

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End of the Day

It is a different type of summer here in the desert.  Not for the locals.  But after five years, even us Canadians still find it strange.  We haven't been so long living here that we've forgotten what its like to ride bike, run through sprinklers


Stepping Out

I'll admit it.  I have been having a bit of a hate on for a certain trend in photography.  Many of the photo blogs and portfolio sites I frequent have been stacked full of pictures of feet.  Feet on the beach, feet with pretty shoes and


Feel the Love

You never know where you will find a little kick back to your childhood.  A trip down another back alley and I saw this display of chalk art on the wall.  I'd been taking pictures of detailed graffiti and murals most of the morning but


Deconstructed living

I've been noticing a real trend in outdoor living. I'm not sure what its called but maybe, "deconstructed living," would suite this new style. If you would like to give this new trend a try, there are a few key ingredients; a blown out wall,


Second Hand

Art had a partner when he started his secondhand shop.  His passion was old toys.  He collected his own and along the way, the business grew into anything old and interesting.  He had a ponytail and a long finger nail on his pinkie that he


Screaming Banshee

It is easy to see why I was attracted to this restaurant besides the smell of pizza and the fact that I hadn't eaten yet.  These retro stools were lined up the same direction and the sun was shining just right.  We stopped to take


Bisbee II – the gang

They came roaring up, seven amigos on motorcycles.  I was trying to shot the alley, trying for a panorama type image as they road into my shot and parked in front of the "No Parking" signs on the wall.  I liked them right away. You might