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Passion & Dedication

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Courtyard of Queens

A morning spent in a lawyers office,  paperwork, then a notary and signing names -- it can suck the creativity right out of you.  The last stop of the afternoon, I had a few minutes to sit in a courtyard while Brad delivered the last


Ray of Light

The morning was moist.  Rain had fallen and the early morning air created a lingering mist.  The light hit just right to create these rays of light coming through the branches.  It lasted only minutes, just long enough to take a few shots with my


Kick Back

In my travels around Arizona/California, I've noticed a certain trend.  A phenomenon that always stops me, makes me wonder about the story behind it.  Who put it there and why?  I believe it may be a design trend that the magazines don't know about, the


On the Wall

The past few months, I've had different friends comment on the lack of my own photo's in our house.  I'm not sure why, but I've held off putting my art on our walls.  I've wanted to.  But it costs money


Carry On

Have you ever received that perfect gift?  When the right thing comes at the right time and you swear that it was custom made for you?  This Christmas, my sister-in-law got us matching mugs.  They couldn't have said anything better.  Our immigration problems have been


Toilet Paper

I've taken pictures of plenty of outhouses.  There seems to be some kind of rustic charm about them.  Something earthy and, well, smelly.  I found this one in Jerome, AZ.  I'm not totally sure what the sign means but I had to giggle.