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for those that wait

I’m always behind.  It doesn’t matter what hike, what scenic tour — even lunch out at a restaurant I fiddle with the camera, taking pictures of the food.  I’m sure it’s annoying to some, but I am blessed with the worlds most patient boys.  My husband, my son and Kona, the wonder dog, might not always get what I’m doing, but they understand the need I have to do it.  I meander and stop.  I walk around things and change settings.  I find interesting shapes left in the dirt from peoples flip-flops or runners.  All the while, my boys walk ahead, keeping me in sight, stopping when I get to far behind.  They never sigh really loud or pull on my sleeves to hurry me.  They take the time to look and talk about manly things.  I hear bits of their conversation — if you use a hand brake can you turn the car faster, can those ants swarm you like on Indiana Jones, or, could you base jump off this ledge and land beside the tent below.  They get it.  I’m allowed my time.  And instead of complaining, they use that time to talk about life.  So here’s to all of you who wait, thanks for the time.  Thanks for getting it . . .

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