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knock, knock

Seems like there is so many doors you could open, it’s hard to choose just one. Each one would have a label, like the Price Is Right show — behind door number one we have motherhood + wife, door number 2 – writer + photographer, door number three – friend, and on it goes. I’m not sure why sometimes, only one door unlocks. I am slightly off when I can be in only one room. I’m incomplete and restless. It may sound greedy but I’d like them all to open, like the final showcase show-down when they open door after door and the audience cheers. Life is more complete and full when each window, each door is open wide, inviting me in. The surprises on the other side can vary and not all are welcome, but it seems to me that without exploring each of them, I am missing out. I don’t need Bob Barker to open these doors for me and really, he kind of freaks me out a little (have you seen him lately?).  It’s something I can do for myself.

Spring is coming, time to open the doors and windows and let in the smells of life — all of it.

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