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Screaming Banshee

It is easy to see why I was attracted to this restaurant besides the smell of pizza and the fact that I hadn’t eaten yet.  These retro stools were lined up the same direction and the sun was shining just right.  We stopped to take some pictures of what looked like a converted ol’ gas station.  There was plenty of people around but we found ourselves talking to a couple eating lunch with their two Husky dogs hanging out at their feet.  We asked if we could take pictures of their dogs to which they said “yes, and if you get some decent ones we’d love to have a copy.”  Seems the owners could never get a really great shot. Every time they took out the camera, the dogs wouldn’t sit still.  Sure enough, as soon as we tried to the Huskies in the composition, they got curious and started playing.  Most pictures were just a blur of blue eyes and fur.  As soon as we put the camera’s down, they sat.  We exchanged business cards with the owners after spending some time talking about where we were all from and what we did.  It was a warm up for the rest of our weekend in Bisbee. Each encounter took time.  We listened to people’s stories, they asked about ours, connections were made and so were images.

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