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something about nothing

Strange don’t you think, how you can be caught unaware by something.  When you look at it, it really isn’t about anything in particular and maybe it’s no master piece, it might not be something you frame or put on the wall –  but something makes you stop.  The craziness of the colors, contrasting and vibrant, causing your eyes to go everywhere at once until you slow your vision, take in each small frame and enjoy the differences.  Texture adds to the chaos.  Lines pulling you in, then out and curves interrupting the flow of the linear, leading  you around in a circle.

Whatever pulled me into the alley (yes, I have a strange attraction to alleys – not sure what that says about me) I can’t say.  But I sat for awhile, my back against the building behind, watching the sky change and move over the fence, over me.  And I realized this wasn’t a picture about nothing — it was something.  Something that was interesting to me.  And that was good enough.

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