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Stepping Out

I’ll admit it.  I have been having a bit of a hate on for a certain trend in photography.  Many of the photo blogs and portfolio sites I frequent have been stacked full of pictures of feet.  Feet on the beach, feet with pretty shoes and colorful toenails.  I get it.  The images are to document where you are and what you are doing in a specific, fabulous moment.  But here’s the thing, I hate my feet.  They have never been pretty.  I go barefoot all the time and it shows.  I have bashed in toenails from running shoes, heels that are always cracked and like a little kid, they are almost always dirty.

There.  I’ve admitted it!  That’s the first step right?  I hate my feet.  Now that I figured out why I have an instant hate for this new trend, I’ve decided to face my problem head on.  Yesterday I took a picture where I was, coming home from our neighbor’s cabin after a much needed long weekend.  We were hot and sweaty.  We hadn’t showered for a couple of days.  Perfect time to go for it don’t you think?  This image is a mini story of one single moment in my day.

I’m still not crazy about pictures of feet but like most things, when you change your perspective, when you aren’t stuck on the prettiness of a moment but rather enjoy the story of the moment, it takes on a whole different look.  Isn’t perspective a wonderful thing?

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