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Trust the Process

Find your style, that was the great commission for this week.  I’ve been practicing photography long enough that I know I have a style, I know what I’m drawn to and what mood I like my images to portray, but this whole “still” photography thing…well, its kind of kicking my butt.  At least that’s how I felt this week as I tried to find some props and compose something that reflects my style.

I admire photographers who can do the soft lighting and flowers and really pretty things and make it look so natural, I just don’t think that is me.  I have tried many times and it ends up looking flat and uninspired.  The challenge is finding the mix of “still” composition, great lighting, textural backdrops and so on but to capture it so it’s true to me, to my style.

Thankfully this is a year long course.  I’ve got time to figure it out and come up with something new and unexpected.  So here’s to the unexpected, bring it on…

  • I can so relate to what you’ve said in your post. I find your image absolutely beautiful!!!

    February 6, 2015at12:15 am
  • two words. love. this.

    February 7, 2015at11:00 pm

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