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Urban Planting

Jerome, AZ, has always had a slightly edgy (or we can just call it strange)  vibe going on.  The whole town is built on the side of a mountain and looks like the Russians did press the button some time in the 80’s.  You can’t find a better town for meeting interesting people, shopping for some great art and appreciating good architecture (or at least good architecture with a twist).  Think “deconstruct.”  This is the kind of place that has so many things going on that if you don’t pay attention, you might miss those little quirky things that make this town unique.

A single standing wall, trees growing out of concrete slabs and power lines that go nowhere… somehow, there is a bit of romance to the scene.  The shadow of the tree on the wall is what grounded me, it felt solid.  It is why I took the picture.  I often don’t know at the time what attracts me to a scene but later, while editing, it seems so obvious.  Whether it is a mood, a feeling or a story that is only half told.   That is what makes a place like Jerome so fun to explore.

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