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Where to Start

I had planned to blog through our travels this summer but somehow it just didn’t happen. I have a whole new appreciation for those people who write daily or even weekly as the travel.  For me, there was no lack of images to share.  I was taking pictures of everything.  I was intentional with making images, sometimes carrying four different cameras just to play.  The first week away I felt like I was decompressing, the second, I had no wifi, the third, I was at a photography boot camp in Santa Fe and barely had time to breathe.

So here I am trying to play catch up and figure out how to start up with real life again.  I met so many people–don’t even get me started on my seat mates on each flight I took, they were fabulous and each one had an amazing story.  I got home for the first time in four years.  My son and I played tourist while mom and dad took us around to each place.  Another province and more family.  This time my husband met us for a family reunion.  Connections remade, new people met, late nights and bon fires. And then, the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop with Paul Mobley…a week fully devoted to creating.  I’ve never had that.  This experience changed my photography as well as my outlook in life.  But more on that later.

In so many ways I feel like I used to after spending a month at camp…slightly high.  Trying to hold onto all the people and experiences and stories.  So glad I have these images I took to remind me and get me through the let down of real life, as blessed as  this life of mine is.  So here I go again, readjusting when everything feels so different.  Finding a way to bring a sense of playfulness, connectedness and creativity into my everyday life.  So here is looking forward to fall and all that it holds…bring it on!



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